Friday, July 1, 2016

The Diary of Zita Cecilia McNamara: Big Mommy

Editor's Note: Click HERE to read Dr. C's previous post on the origin of Zita's diary. This entry begins with 13-year-old Zita writing to her guardian angel, "Bishop."

Dear Bishop (Day 21) Big Mommy is here. I’m so happy. Haven’t seen her in 8-1/2 years. Thank You!

Dear Bishop (Day 22) Big Mommy bought my swimming suit. Real nice! Thank you, God.

Reflections: There is something very special about grandparents. In my case, it was my two very special grandmothers, Grandma Mary and Big Mommy. I would see Grandma Mary more than Big Mommy because she lived in Detroit. Big Mommy lived in Macon, GA. As you can see, we did not visit much. 8-1/2 years is a long time.

Still, she did call. And I can tell you that timeline did not affect our relationship one bit. The minute she stepped off that Greyhound bus with her smile, lovely blue outfit, and silver dangling earrings, it was if I had just seen her the day before. And, boy, could she talk. That was a trait of the women on my mother’s side. And her sense of humor was out of this world. She had the uncanny ability of being able to find humor about herself and share it so freely.