Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Diary of Zita Cecilia McNamara: The Proposal

Editor's Note: Click HERE to read Dr. C's previous post on the origin of Zita's diary. This entry begins with 13-year-old Zita writing to her guardian angel, "Bishop."

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 5) Tom officially asked me to marry him and I accepted. IF (and I hope and pray) we love each other as we do and even deeper 9 years from now, we shall marry. We saw the movie, To Sir With Love, and we ate dinner and we went to our special place. It was there on the staircase he asked me. God it was a good feeling that surged inside of me. I hope that I do marry him. My day was perfect. Tom talked to me a little more about his life. I am finding out more about him. I love him, Sir. I hope he truly loves me. Thank You for the marvelous day!

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 6) I need to tell you about another very special guy in my life, my “play-brother” Dion. I reflect on how much had meant to me. I always wanted a big brother; he became that person in my life. I recall when he and his mother visited my home. We had so much fun. We talked about everything. Thank You, God for sending him to me. Before he and his mom left, he kissed me on the cheek. I’ll remember that big brother kiss forever.