Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Diary of Zita Cecilia McNamara: The Jealous Boyfriend

Editor's Note: Click HERE to read Dr. C's previous post on the origin of Zita's diary. This entry begins with 13-year-old Zita writing to her guardian angel, "Bishop."

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 9) Tom is so jealous. I am yakking about Redd Fox. My guy friend, just a buddy, said he is going to buy the album and will let me hear it. Tom grows cold on the tele and says, “All right, All right” in a snappy way. God, that is what I am worried about. I am worried that he will become insanely jealous. I have seen him get ticked when I am just talking to a guy or if I mention a conversation I have had with a dude in my drama class, etc. A too jealous husband can be a pain, also. Well, I just hope and pray for the best. I know he loves me very much and I him. Tom is a good person. I know he will be a good husband and father. I guess every man has his faults. Jealousy is his. I want him.

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 10) My day has been grand! Tom and I went downtown and visited some of the sights. We went to Plum Street. Tom bought me a large sucker. We, then walked down to Cobo Hall, and then, he brought me home. Oh Lord, I love him. Please, please, please let me marry him eight or nine years from now. Also, please help me to remain a lady. Let him and me finish our education. Please let him be different from what my Mummy says men are and from what I have observed them to be in general. I hope I will be the woman to give birth to his children.