Monday, June 5, 2017

The Diary of Zita Cecilia McNamara: Parents, Take Time To Listen To Your Teens!

Editor's Note: Click HERE to read Dr. C's previous post on the origin of Zita's diary. This entry begins with 13-year-old Zita writing to her guardian angel, "Bishop."

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 17) Today has been a rewarding day. Had Human Relations Panel. It was a success. I received a lot of applause. Help me to remain humble.

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 18) I am reflecting on a guy I met and liked before Tom. Don’t know why, but I am. He told me about his Dad. He hasn’t had the best childhood. I felt very sorry for him. He told me how his Dad beat him with a belt buckle when he was 12 because he ate watermelon and left the rind out. His parents were divorced. They always compared his kid sis to him. Now, I knew that was something a parent should never do. But I, also, recognized that parents do made mistakes. I hoped he wouldn’t be bitter. I liked him and hoped he would like me. It was something about him, maybe it was his quietness and neatness and his vulnerability and he shared that with me. Well, as you know I got over him and met Tom and came to love him very much.

Now, why did I reflect on that guy? As I think of it, I do know why. It was at that time that I had no boyfriend. It seemed others did, but not me. I wanted a boyfriend; I wanted to go out. And at that time, it seemed that would never happen. 

I shared my dismay about my lack of a “love life” with Mummy. She said, “In time, yes, you will have the boyfriend.” However, I thought, “When will that time come?” Well, as I write, now, that time has come. As always, Mummy was right. I have a wonderful guy, Tom. I am blessed.

Dear Bishop (Age 17, Day 19) Yes, you know how I prayed for a long time for a boyfriend. Well, the Lord, finally, did grant my wish. And this very wonderful guy, Tom, asked me to go to the prom. Me! On Sweetest Day he gave me a lovely card and a 1lb. box of candy and tonight he asked me what I wanted for Christmas! On Thanksgiving he is taking me to the Lions football game! So grand!